How A Lip Pump Works

How A Lip Pump Works

Most women want full and luscious lips but not everyone is willing to take the risk of having surgically enhance their lips. Some have grown tired of lip product that promise to give instant full lips because it does not work for them or they hate the stingy sensation that you get when you apply lip plumpers.

If you think these two are just not options for you, you might want to find out how a lip pump works. It has way less risk than lip enhancement surgeries and works better than sticky and most other lip plumpers.

A lip pump is a device that you use to achieve the same effect as the above mentioned methods except that it works differently. It is shaped like a letter T but the line on top is a little curved to fit perfectly into one’s lips and the other end is the pump.

 How a lip pump works is obvious from its name, it works like a pump. You fit your lips into the curved area and pull the pump for a few seconds and for how many repetitions depend on the instructions manual of the lip pump that you got. Basically though, it works by pumping the fluid from around the mouth area and into the lips. The vacuum when pumping makes all this happen and enhances the lips. This is how a lip pump works.


While how a lip pump works is less painful than lip surgeries and injections, the only drawback is that it only lasts 8 - 12 hours. Most women don’t mind this though because it gives them amazing lip plumping effects so having to do it every few hours does not bother them and you only have to do the pumping for a few minutes each day - so it is very quick.

Now you know how a lip pump works - try it today and see the results for yourself.


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